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Brrr, its cold outside better grab a hat…wait do I need ear flaps or not?
Ever wish your hat could style a ribbon to match your new coat?
One stylish winter cabled hat can provide endless choices and you only have to knit one hat. With removable ear flaps for extra chilly days and eyelets for a suave ribbon of any color, or both, only you can decide.
This design was created for my sister while she was living in Cambridge, MA working at a local university. She wanted a cabled hat that was warm but she wasn’t really an ear flap person, more of a ribbon girl. Unfortunately in Boston, you can’t rule out ear flaps, no matter what look you are going for; blue ears rarely match anything.
The idea of detachable ear flaps popped into my head one day but I wasn’t sure of the placement. I decided to just poke holes all around and let her decide the best place for her flaps. When I saw the finished product, I realized it begged for a ribbon, perfect for my sister, who never leaves the house without carefully rolled curls. The most important part, for me, was the top. I wanted the hat to be beautiful from every angle and knew the top was critical. Reading on the subway, bending over to pick up a penny, or tying your shoe lace, if you knit it, you want it to put on a show no matter what!
With removable ribbon and ear flaps, this hat is perfect for days in the park, hot dates or hurrying to your knitting group, no matter how chilly it is outside.
Photo credit [Tara Miller(model)/Shaun Krisher(photographer)]