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Monday, March 21, 2011


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Here is what I see. It looks like you are a bit short waisted. The fabric bunching above your waist is an indicator of that. Easy to fix before you cut into fabric. There is usually a line for adjusting at or above the waist on a pattern.
As for the armholes. Is it possible they got stretched a bit during sewing? Sometimes using "stay-tape" to stabilize a seam on a curve is necessary. You can also subtly add a some ease to help the fabric "cup" around the front of the armhole too.
Hope this helps! Looks like you're doing a nice job!

I think I'd be inclined to take the underarms apart and take in the side seam a bit -- more at the top than the bottom. Just make sure not to make it too tight in the bust. Are you taking the full 5/8" seams? I once had a similar problem, and that was the issue. This is a pretty dress!

From my experience with patterns, do not follow the sizing on the envelope. what you should follow is the measurements on the pattern itself. Look at the Bodice front pattern ... it should show you the finished garment measurements at the bust line and the waistline.

Thanks for the comments. I think I will start with the straps- that should help with the short waistedness. Then I will recheck the gapping and probably rip back the band and stitch in a dart at the side seam (As per Janine) and see how it ends up. I will post my results. Thanks again and I will take all tips in mind and I am sure they will help.
Michelle- I will do that in the future. That's a good idea.

Have straps resolved issue?

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